What is rough cut lumber?

Rough cut lumber is lumber that is in a pre-planed or pre-molded form. It still has the markings from the 60" circular saw that was used to cut it giving it that rustic country feel that so many of our customers enjoy.


What is full sawn lumber?

Like rough cut lumber, full sawn lumber is lumber that is in a pre-molding and pre-planing form. It means the lumber is true or very close to being true dimensional in shape. A 2x4 is very close to being a true 2x4 inches in form.


What are some of the benefits of using incense cedar?

According to many published papers by large reputable sawmills Incense Cedar is very rot resistant when compared with other species of lumber and holds up well against moisture. Also insects such as flees don't like the aromatic smell of the Incense Cedar.


What is "green" lumber?

Green lumber, such as ours, is lumber that has not been kiln dried, or sun dried yet. This means that the lumber can be expected to shrink once it has had time to dry. If customers request dry lumber we can, with enough lead time, process the lumber and begin the process of sun drying. Or the customer can complete this step themselves.


What sizes of lumber and beams does your company offer?

We offer boards as small 2x2x12 or 1x2x12 up to beams the size of 20x20x18.


Does your company deal with any other species?

We have access to incense cedar, ponderosa pine, doug fir, white fir, some hardwoods, and reclaimed barn lumbers.